Animals A to Z 2021 on a buoy hung with 380 painted bouys and 816 lights at the Stonington Lobster Trap Christmas Tree ! Amazing. 

           I began painting animals A to Z for my grandchildren. I was first asked to paint a turtle. I had never painted

animals before but I learned so much from each one. To choose the animals to paint I looked up to the most interesting animals that were listed under each letter.  The animals became the first A to Z book which was painted on canvas with acrylics. It took me a year to paint all the animals and to make them into a book.

      The Painted A to Z book is letters and pictures I painted on felt which was an interesting process because the fabric absorbs the paint.  While I was making the letters and pictures into a book I added questions, stories and art projects onto each page. I am excited to hear feedback about the book conversations! I would have loved to have such a book to read to our kids growing up that was full of interesting questions.

           The third A to Z book in process was first painted on canvas fabric so the background is muted instead of

bright colors which is very different .  

          Recently I attended a Work Boat Show with my husband and a crew from our family Derecktor shipyard

run  by my brother, a second family generation boatbuilder. At the show were many conversations about

how to introduce the marine industry to the next generation of boys and girls who might want to learn a

trade instead of going to college.  My next and forth book will be on that subject.

          I took the selfie of me wearing my favorite A to Z sweater and a Boat Show badge with the title Ambassador

of Derecktor shipyard. Our Dad started the boatyard 75 years ago. Today Derecktor boats of all sizes are being

built and repaired up and down the east coast. That was his life's passion and dream.

             A to Z is an endless language possibility of words, images, phrases, pictures and categories .

            My parents, both artists, never told me not to paint on my bedroom walls. I began painting on the walls

in my bedroom and kept painting wherever I lived for any length of time . I moved around a lot.

       My Dad asked me once when I was young “If you could draw, paint or build anything, any shape, size, color

, of any material, what would it look like?". That question made me never afraid to think or try just about

anything. Whenever I told my Mom an idea I had she always said “Really? Good ! Go for it“. She never said “ Don’t “.  

           My own favorite quote is “You never know, anything can happen, dream , try hard, never give up, leave no

stone un turned “.  

          Mark and I have 6 wonderful grandchildren. They are my greatest inspiration for so many creative ideas . Bibah is the name our first grandson Bo named me. I love nicknames which I never had before . Now I am Bibah, Grandma Barb, Bar and Bahbi - so far.

          My life passion career before I began painting was dance from age 4 . After college I ran a Dance theatre company, 3 Dancing Spirit Studios, taught ballet, modern dance, creative movement & pilates for children thru adults. For 18 years I performed taught, choreographed ,costumed & produced Middle Eastern Dance shows throughout New England. I performed in Hawaii, Mexico, Turkey, NYC & Bali. When I stopped teaching my studio became The Goat Cottage Art airbnb with our six goats. Guests were encouraged to find their inner artist .All the pictures painted or drawn by guests were framed and hung. The walls became a living art gallery story.