I began painting animals A to Z for my grandchildren.The animals became my first A to Z book which was painted on canvas with acrylics. It took me a year to paint all the animals and to make them into a book. Book two Painted A to Z is letters and pictures which I originally painted on felt . The felt letters and pictures were too large for little hands and the book was very thick. I copied the paintings on felt and made a bound paper book good for youngsters hands.. I added questions, stories and art projects onto each page. I would have loved to have such a book to read to our three kids growing up.
I am very excited to
hear the thoughts, conversations and creative projects that come from reading the book.  The third A to Z book I painted is on canvas fabric. 
              Recently I attended a Work Boat Show with my husband for our family boatyard. At the
show  there were  many conversations about how to introduce the marine industry to the
next generation of boys and girls who might want to learn a trade instead of going to college.  
My forth book will be on that subject.
            My parents, both artists, never told me not to paint on my bedroom walls. I began painting
on those walls and kept painting wherever I lived for any length of time.
My Dad asked
me once when I was quite young “If you could draw, paint or build anything,
any shape, size, color, of any material, what would it look like?". That question made me never
afraid to try just about anything. Whenever I told my Mom an idea she always said “Really? Good ! Go
for it“. She never said “ Don’t “. Both of their philosophies of life had a big impact on my views of life and some of 
their stories are in my books. 
           My personal quote is “You never know, anything can happen, dream , try hard, never give
up, leave no stone un turned “.  
          Mark and I have 6 grandchildren. They are my greatest inspiration for so many creative
ideas . Bibah is the name our first grandson Bo named me. I love nicknames which I never had before . These days I am called Grandma Barb, Barb, Bibah & Bahbi !
          My life passion career before I began painting was dance from age 4 - ballet, modern dance and middle eastern dance .I ran a Dance theatre company and 3 different Dancing Spirit Studios for all ages,
I produced Middle Eastern Dance shows throughout New England while performing in Hawaii, Mexico, Turkey, NYC and Bali. 
         Before I stopped teaching and performing I taught a class for adults with extreme special needs. One of the things I had them do was draw to music. That was beautiful. I think everyone should paint to music by themselves or with family and friends.
        When I stopped dancing my studio became The Goat Cottage Art airbnb with our then six goats.
I wasn't painting then but I started a guest art gallery of guests
pictures ,painted or drawn that I framed and hung. The walls became a living art gallery story. I encouraged many people to paint who said they couldn't . Many guests amazed me and themselves . Now I am painting !

Animals A to Z 2021 on a buoy hung with 380 painted bouys and 816 lights at the Stonington Lobster Trap Christmas Tree ! Amazing.