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Oil Stick Portraits

These are pencil and oil stick portraits on cardstock 

beautiful kids

Wearable Art

The original A to Z pages made into wearable pieces - available to for purchase HERE

long, comfy, a to z staple sweater   on Contrado

Hand Painted Name Books

With each indiviual page have a unique letter and drawing for each letter in the persons name

Birthday book painting for letter F


Individual or small group classes available!

Make the letters of your name into a funny picture

Painted A to Z Books

Books originally painted or draw on different materials and transferred to bound paper 

Painting a to z on canvas

Astrology Paintings

Individuals or partners painted together capturing their spirit and relationship

Picses  astrology painting

A to Z Conversationals

Table pieces and home decor to get the conversation started - including but not limited to: table cloths, cups, plates and placemats! Available HERE

Conversational plate on
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