Painted A to Z Interactive Kids Books and Wearable Art 


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What they say 

         Susan, a poet and a children's librarian wrote about Painted A to Z..

          "Such a fun book. I love the exuberant art, the way it’s an alphabet book, a collection of memoir pieces, a teaching tool for curios young minds and a gallery of joyful and playful art in one book. Your art and work is delightful, keep on creating!". 


           In Sept 2019 I began painting turtles for my grandchildren. One animal became a book of “Painted Animals A to Z”.

            My friend read the book to her 4 and 5 yr

olds.  She said ” The 5 yr old drew his own

pictures in the book, changed and added to

them. The 4 yr old drew on notebook paper instead. Both boys drew animals which were

not painted in the book. The book got both of

my sons creative juices going in very different ways.

      I had no idea they could draw those animals.

      I enjoyed the book as much as they did.

      Barb, each child in the family needs one of

your books. If my younger boy had read it with

his big brother he wouldn't have thought of drawing his very own animals. He would have copied his older brothers drawings" 

       A Grandmother called to tell me

       She was reading her 6 year old grandson Painted A to Z and he wanted to talk to me . She put him on the phone . He said “Barb, the plate that the apple is on looks like the ocean.It's connected to the world “. I said “ Wow! Thank you so much for telling me ! “. I asked his Grandma if she could send me any pictures he draws of  a room or house any size, shape, color or material . 

Letters K and L

    When I read the book to my 18 month old granddaughter she loved the pictures but best of all she liked the back cover with all the circle paint pots of colors which she pointed to over and over asking me the colors

The front of the book
A and B pages of letters, pictures, questions
the A to Z book message
Pages I with a short story connected to J with a story and a pathway

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