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The Painted A to Z never ending story

YESTERDAY I read the A page of Painted A to Z to Bo our 4 yr old grandson . He said “The apple on the plate is on a wooden floor, in a white room ,in a round, stone house. When I got home I drew a quick sketch of the house with pencil and pastel. I left the ground blank .TODAY when Bo saw my sketch he said “The house is surrounded by snow .On the roof of the house ( which we drew together ) are a zebra, unicorn , elephant , giraffe , pig and a cow.” I would love to hear about and see all the Painted A to Z story houses !

Apple on a plate, on a flooring a white room of a round, stone house
Sketch story

On round roof - zebra, elephant, giraffe
Sketch with 3 animals

Zebra became a unicorn, elephant,giraffe joined by a blue pig and a green cow on top of the roof in a house surrounded by snow
Sketch with 5 animals

Anything is possible
Bowen's story house


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