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Astrology story painting # 1

I never imagined painting astrology stories. I love to learn about each of the signs and to figure out how to paint them using many ideas. I try to include what I know about a person or a couple ,what I learn along the way and also what ideas they want to include which can be a pet, house, child, view, tree, music image themes ( they can send pictures) and or favorite colors .Each painting begins with researching everything about a birthday ( or two) for a couple. Each painting can be any size to fit into any space. This painting is 24 x 36.

This is the first astrology painting I did. It was for my nephew and his wife who just became new parents .Soon I will paint an astrology story for their baby ! They wrote " My wife and I love our one of a kind astrological painting ! Barbara's thoughtfulness knew no bounds as she incorporated all the personal details we requested for the painting which is vibrant, playful , exudes extraordinary charm and eclectic spirit. We simply love it" .......Those words make my heart sing.

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