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South Coast Artists Tour 2023

The first 20th anniversary South Coast Arts tour was in mid July . This was my first year on the tour. I wasn't sure I would be accepted because Ive only been painting for 3 years.

I'm so grateful to be in the company of the illustrious SCA. I had no idea what to expect . 83 people visited my studio ! That was amazing . It was wonderful to meet so many people from near (some new neighbors walked over), and far, to see long time friends, to hear what people liked best or what they wanted to hear stories about.

Painting is very solo. Artists work with their heart ,imagination and prayers that their work will be understood and appreciated . Having guests visit my studio was uplifting and encouraging. Since the July tour I have been painted many new and different paintings.

When I first began painting it was A to Z letters which evolved into books, art books, wearable art and home decor. All the A to Z designs will be on display together for the very first time

The next tour will be August 19 & 20 11- 5 . There are so many wonderful artists and studios to visit . I'm so looking forward to meeting and greeting everyone !

Below are 1 ) the A to z letters turned into so many things - books, placements, table cloth, long sweater and more 2) recent paintings side by side on the floor called " Captured Moments"

Thankyou SCA ! ox . Happy August ! #southcoastartiststour #August #Paintings #Painter #Artist

Happy longest August !

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