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Painted A to Z story

Painted A to Z animals my first book was on painted paper with acrylics. Painted A to Z letters were first only letters & pictures painted on felt but when I made them into a book I added stories , questions , creative movement , art projects & pathways .

Painted A to Z canvas is the third painted book of A to Z first painted on canvas fabric & there will be added different stories & questions . When the third book is finished my next painted books focus will be on the marine industry inspired by meeting a woman who is interested in 1) girls & women to learn more about the industry 2) a law passed in each state that mandates kids learn a trade in high school which will give kids an option of being able to get a good paying job with skills they learn in school instead of only having the option of going to college . Our alphabet is our language which can be introduced & presented in endlessly creative ways ❤️

A is for Apple on a plate . Where is the plate begins a series of thinking questions

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